Befriending the Beast:

everything in my life came crashing down 

but the all at onceness felt lighter than you’d expect 

I suppose it’s easier to drown when you stop denying the need for breath

easier to fail when you’re open to loss

easier to grow when you’re stretching from the bottom of the earth

I spent so much time in my past resisting failure and pain and even growth because I thought that was the way to overcome my fear + guilt + shame. 

I thought I could simply say “no”, and the world would fold before me. 

And in some ways that still feels true… but mostly I’ve come to realize that befriending the brokenness is the only way:

the only way to heal 

to move on, move through—

to learn, or lead,

or breathe or even speak—

to truly live your life, 

is to find your inner beast,

and befriend them

-Ani Khēmeia