Pricing Packages

Client Provided Locations

from: $99

Session at TBD/ client provided location.
Slip into the cradle of Mother Earth, your own home, or another place all together.
Embrace the environment, yourself, or your loved ones.
Then take the magic home with a polaroid from our session.

Studio Session

from: $155

Private studio sessions: come create the atmosphere of your desire; choose from a wide-ranging list of props or bring your own items into the mix! Located in Ann Arbor, MI.
Peruse the space I've partnered with in a link below.


from: $133

Everything from birthdays to weddings, concerts to picnics, if you're looking to Alchemize the atmosphere of your next event, this might be the package for you...

Business Management

Contact for consultation

Alchemy of Hearts is now offering a wide range of services for new and developing businesses, including Social Media Development & Management, Web Design, Brand/ Product Marketing & Design, and more.
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