Being. Seeing. Knowing:

I have officially started on the journey towards becoming a certified breath-work facilitator:

A journey that truly began over a year ago - with volcanoes on the horizon…

There were a lot of soul-provoking, concretized moments that occurred in Guatemala-

but by far one of the most perspective-shifting of them all was having the opportunity to co-host our Rewilding breath-work ceremony.

To say I was more transformed leading a breath-work than I ever was in practice would be true, but also too vague for my tastes-

there’s a transcendental portal one can take when not only witnessing but also facilitating the transformation of others.

All intuition. All Knowing. All being.

One with All.

I have always felt this, on some level, when practicing breath-work alone. Dropping into my body, feeling the movement of my chest as I breath, the air into my lungs, the wind - which is always moving, but often under-described.

Something more visceral happened during my time facilitating. I think very importantly - I had gotten close to this space prior to co-hosting this ceremony - simply by living and breathing Lake Atitlán, by dropping into body frequently leading up to as well as directly before, and also by way of some Alchemized Cacao…

But even still… there were a lot of thoughts living in my body; my mind was still piloting the course.

It is somewhat unexplainable how you See things from that space.

I have always been an observant person, but I think it is something deeper than that.

I think in connection + in true loving witness, people can meet at a deeper space of simply knowing,





- from embodied intuition alone.

I guess the real shock to my system, the reason this experience will live within me until we both cease to exist, is that I really, truly - finally? dropped into this space.

I had never truly looked this fear in the face. This inadequacy. This subtle doubt.

I had long worked on my relationship to my actual abilities. (Frankly, I’m at the place now where I fundamentally believe there’s nothing I can’t do or learn…).

But this wasn’t about learning,

this wasn’t about doing,

this was about:




Experiencing something beyond you so much so that you can assist with it’s transformation.

And there was still a piece of me that was scared, unsure in most daily experiences, in conversation, in the most random of ways one could be.

I had given no trust in my God given right to experience the world from the perspective of the divine.

There’s an urgent air to facilitating breath-works that compelled a deeper trust from my being. There wasn’t time to question once I was there, only time to be - but this was evident in the breeze of the water, in the smell of the flowers, in the sounds of Us, all in one Volcanic shalla.

Spirit seemed to make everything clear.

And just as quickly as we had showed the breathing technique did our 15 women dive into an experience of their own. And almost casually it seemed, I floated around the room, assisting whatever sister I felt called to. And with a fervent potency was I - called, walked, guided in every movement through this assistance.

It’s an other-worldly experience to press upon a Woman’s chest and watch as she turns from




to yelling,



I was able to reach this place of intimacy with a handful of the Women that day - a fire forever lit in my heart; but I also hold high reverence to the deepening intimacy I experienced that day with Source.

I have felt compelled,



in many and different and varying ways before. Yet, there had always been this primal, human undertaking behind it.

I had often felt my experience with God to be the wind at my back rather than the breath in my lungs.

But something switched over the water, over the Women; I was no longing doing what I thought I should do, what I thought they would like, I was simply doing what needed to be done.

Some of my actions were as simple as holding a Woman like a mother would, others as intense as assisting in what can only be described as a spiritual re-birthing.

Yet everything in my being, Knew.

So yeah…

I have officially begun my certification to become a breath-work coach, facilitator, co-experiencer.

To further share,


and serve as deeply as I know how to,

and then to make that Knowing deeper.

I’m ready to step into Source -

flowing just the way Spirit intended.



-Ani Khēmeia