A Remembrance in Flames

I’ve been walking in the evenings, slowly, limping, trying. 

Something in my leg has been aching to get out. 

The expression it used to hold. The passion it made manifest. 

Aching for me to see Her, hold Her, comfort Her - far more regularly. 

And so I’ve been walking..

Last night I fell enamored with the clouds, but the golden photo didn’t capture the whole moment. 

I was lusting in every step, not /for/ the dewy skies, but /with/ the aching of my bones. 

I was falling in love again every time I tied my tennis shoes. 

Sensual is the Reminder, the deep bodily connection. 

And I was head over heels. 

I went on to Alchemize the raw images in a flow state of flames… 

Burning alongside Creation. 

“Light Walking into Fire”

-Ani Khēmeia